What Is Chiropractic?

What separates Doctors of Chiropractic from all other healthcare providers is that Chiropractors are highly trained to locate analyze and correct Vertebral Subluxations. The word Subluxation comes from the latin words Sub (somewhat or slight) and luxate (to dislocate). So the term Vertebral Subluxation literally means a slight dislocation of the spinal bones, also called a misalignment.

When a Vertebral Subluxation occurs within the body, a Chiropractor corrects that Subluxation allowing it to return to its proper alignment. This procedure is accurately called an Adjustment, and will allow the body to heal. Adjustments are a quick thrust applied in a specific direction for the purpose of correcting its position. Adjustments in our office are gentle and without pain.

The Vertebral SubluxationWhen one or more vertebrae move from their normal position and put pressure on nerves and interfere with the normal transmission of mental impulses through those nerves. The result is less than optimal health. complex has a number of contributers. But first to better understand what detrimental effects a subluxation has on your body let me use an analogy. If you can picture your average garden hose. Now picture that garden hose exiting the spine as your nerves do. If you turn the water on you will get a constant unimpeded flow through the hose. What would happen if you stepped on that hose? The flow of water then would become interfered with decreasing the amount of water flowing out of the hose. The same happens with the nerve exiting the spine. If the vertebrae becomes subluxated it then in turn will put pressure in the nerve, causing a decrease in the nerve flow. That flow is the connection between the brain and your body.

There are several components involved in the subluxation complex. First there is a vertebral component. This is when the vertebrae is out of position or not moving properly, which frequently leads to narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae through which the nerves pass. Often resulting in impingement and irritation of the nerve itself. Second, we have the nerve component. This is the disruption of the normal flow of communication along the nerve fibers, causing messages along the nerves to become distorted or scrambled. The result is that all of the tissues that are fed by those nerves receive distorted signals from the brain and therefore are not able to function normally. Over time this will lead to a whole host of conditions. Thirdly there is a muscle component to the subluxation complex. Since nerves control all our muscles including those that hold our vertebrae in place. Muscles are considered an integral part in the Vertebral subluxation complex. A subluxation can irritate a nerve, the irritated nerve can cause a muscle to spasm, the spasmed muscle pulls the attached vertebrae further out of place. Which then will further irritate the nerve causing a vicious cycle. That is why very few subluxations go away by themselves. Finally we have the chemical component. This is a change in body chemistry due to the subluxation. Most often the body will release chemicals called kinins due to subluxation. Kinins are inflammatory, meaning they increase inflammation in an affected area most time causing more pain.

Subluxations if not corrected properly can progressively become worse over time. Leading to loss of movement, bone spurs, inflammation, arthritis, muscle weakness and pain. Chiropractors have known the damages of subluxation since the start of the profession. More and More scientific research is showing the tremendous detrimental impact that subluxations have on our bodies. For true health, it is vital that your nervous system be functioning 100% free of subluxations. Chiropractors are the only health professional trained in locating, analyzing, and then correcting the subluxation through adjustment.