Boyer Chiropractic Testimonials - Chris StametsI suffered with terrible cluster migraines, chronic ringing in the ears and all kinds of back pain. My friend referred me to Dr. Dean for my back. The great thing is I not only got relief for my back–I don’t have my migraines or ringing in my ears, which is an added bonus. I can do things again like hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. without constant pain.

Thanks to Dr. Dean and Dr. Matt for their help.

Chris Stamets

I met Dr. Dean in 1996. His wonderful mother-in-law called his home on a Sunday while we were working as nurse-aides in Manor Care North, Williamsport, PA. I had just been released from the Work Center for a back injury from work-related problems. I could still hardly lift my feet off the floor as I walked.

She said, “Let me call Dean.” He had me come in that day after work and took x-rays and started my treatments. I went 3 times a week at first, on down to once a month. I felt better after the first month. While I was working, I continued coming once a month. After retirement, I didn’t come as regular but when sore muscles and stiffness showed up, I knew who to call. He has always been wonderful and gets me back on my feet.

Freda Schodt

Boyer Chiropractic Testimonials - James and Beverly SimpsonMy husband and I started receiving adjustments back in 1968. I was suffering with sciatica and whiplash from an auto accident. My husband had two very serious back injuries when he was working. During that time, we were bringing our children for adjustments also.


Now that we are “Senior Citizens,” we still come once a month to maintain out good health. We are very grateful to Dr. Dean and Dr. Matt for Chiropractic. we pray that they may be able to help many people reach good health.

James and Beverly Simpson

Boyer Chiropractic Testimonials - Kay SnyderI started with Chiropractic as a skeptic. I was going through a very stressful time in my life. Chiropractic has helped me through that time. Getting my regular adjustments has helped me cope better and relieve that stress.


Thank you Dr. Matt for your help.

Kay Snyder

I had headaches daily for 3 months. After about 3 weeks of Chiropractic care, I had them occasionally. I have not had a headache since the 2nd month of care. I feel so much better overall.


Thank you Dr. Dean and Dr. Matt for your help.

Joyce Kissinger